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OVAF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to funding and supporting Veterans' charitable causes.

Streamlining Support for Veterans' Causes

Delivering Effective Financial Support to Veteran Charities.

The Overwatch Veterans Alliance Foundation (OVAF) understands that Veterans face a unique set of challenges as they transition back into civilian life. Our mission as a 501c3 nonprofit organization is to lighten their load, supporting a broad spectrum of Veterans' charitable causes. By channeling our funds and resources to relieve some of the financial burdens of other Veteran-focused non-profits, we empower these organizations to fully concentrate on their transformative work.

At OVAF, we believe in unity of purpose and action. Whether it's mental health support, vocational training, basic needs provisioning, advisory support, or addressing physical disabilities, we target our resources to drive positive change. By streamlining support for Veterans' causes, we hope to foster an environment where every Veteran has access to the help they need, and every Veterans' charity can focus on what they do best—making a lasting difference in the lives of our heroes.


Our commitment to veteran nonprofits

Fortifying the front lines of veteran support.

While passion and dedication are at the heart of these nonprofits, resources are the lifeblood that sustains them. Often, these organizations grapple with the constant challenge of securing sufficient funding to keep their services running and expanding. This is where our role becomes vital. We step in to shoulder this financial burden, freeing these nonprofits from the overwhelming task of fundraising.

Our mission is to empower these organizations to operate at their fullest potential. By ensuring they are not restricted by financial constraints, we give them the freedom to direct their energy, talent, and time toward creating and implementing programs that change veterans' lives. In doing this, we’re driving meaningful and noticeable change in the veteran community, one project at a time.

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